"How to Do a Triceps Kickback" by Kristen Feola

“How to Do a Triceps Kickback” by Kristen Feola

How to Do a Triceps Kickback

If you want to build strength in your arms, you should focus on the triceps (back of the arm) as well as the biceps (front of the arm). In the following video, Kristen Feola, author of Spiritually Strong and former personal trainer, demonstrates the proper way to perform an exercise that’s great for toning the triceps muscle – a triceps kickback.

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Hi, I’m Kristen Feola, author of the book, Spiritually Strong.
Today I’m going to show you an exercise that is featured in my book. Let’s begin.

A lot of times when people are trying to build arm strength and sculpt those muscles of the upper arm, they tend to focus on the biceps. And, they underestimate the value of the triceps. The triceps is really important for keeping those arms nice and toned. One of the best exercises is a triceps kickback. And, I’m going to demonstrate the proper way to do that exercise.

To do a triceps kickback, all you need is a chair or a bench – something to balance on. And, I recommend watching yourself in a mirror, just so you can make sure you do this properly. Start from this position. The upper part of your arm does not move. It stays stationary. And, that’s where you really want to watch in the mirror so that you don’t end up doing this. Because then it becomes more of a shoulder exercise. Try to focus on the back of the arm – the triceps. So, hold that upper arm right there. Then extend. Exhale as you extend, until your arm is straight, and release.

If you find yourself doing that – using your whole arm to lift the weight – it’s probably too heavy, and you need to use a lower weight. So, start from this position. Exhale as you press out, and inhale as you bring it back, about 2-3 seconds. Exhale and release. And, watch that upper arm to make sure it doesn’t move.

Thank you so much for viewing this triceps kickback exercise video. I hope it’s been helpful for you. If you haven’t already gotten a copy of my book, Spiritually Strong, you can find it online, you can order it through my website, or get it wherever books are sold. And, I pray that God blesses you on your journey to be physically and spiritually stronger. You can find other Upper Body Exercise videos here.

Kristen Feola