"How to Do a Chair Dip" by Kristen Feola

“How to Do a Chair Dip” by Kristen Feola

How to Do a Chair Dip

You don’t have to lift heavy barbells or dumbbells to tone your upper body. You can simply use your your body weight, along with a chair or bench, to build strength in your chest, arm, and shoulder muscles. In the following video, Kristen Feola, author of Spiritually Strong and former personal trainer, demonstrates the proper way to perform the chair dip exercise.

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Hi, I’m Kristen Feola, author of the book, Spiritually Strong.
Today I’m going to show you an exercise that is featured in my book. Let’s begin.

Chair Dips Anywhere

Chair dips are one of my very favorite exercises for the upper body because they can be done anywhere. If you’re traveling or on the road and don’t have access to a gym, you can do a chair dip in your hotel room. You can do it in your living room. It’s a great exercise, and it’s easy to do.

To begin the chair dip the first thing you want to do is make sure your feet are in position. You don’t want them too far out or too close. There should be about a 90-degree bend in your knee to where your bottom just grazes the edge of the chair or the bench. What you’re going to do is lower your body down. And, depending upon your range of motion in your shoulder, you might not be able to go down to where you form a 90-degree angle with your arm, but that’s the goal. Certainly, if you can’t go that far, just go to here. It doesn’t matter. You’re still building strength. But, full range of motion would be down to about here and pressing up. I wouldn’t take the chair dip any lower than that because it puts a lot of stress on the shoulder.

If you want to make the chair dip exercise a little more difficult, instead of bending the knees, you can put your feet out a little farther. That just makes it more challenging. Still the same motion with the upper body. Exhale as you press up. Inhale, and exhale.

Thank you so much for viewing this chair dip exercise video. I hope it’s been helpful for you. If you haven’t already gotten a copy of my book, Spiritually Strong, you can find it online, you can order it through my website, or get it wherever books are sold. And, I pray that God blesses you on your journey to be physically and spiritually stronger. You can find other Upper Body Exercise videos here.

Kristen Feola