"How to Do a Biceps Curl"

“How to Do a Biceps Curl” by Kristen Feola

How to Do a Biceps Curl

The biceps curl is a popular exercise that’s often included in a workout program, and rightfully so. Your biceps are located on the front of your upper arms, and curls help to strengthen those muscles, which are major players in helping you lift and carry objects. However, it’s important that you understand how to do curls correctly so that you get the most out of the exercise. In the following video, Kristen Feola, author of Spiritually Strong and former personal trainer, demonstrates the proper way to perform a biceps curl.

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Hi, I’m Kristen Feola, author of the book, Spiritually Strong.
Today I’m going to show you an exercise that is featured in my book. Let’s begin.

The biceps curl exercise is an extremely functional exercise because a lot of life requires lifting. And, in order to lift properly and to lift with strength, you have to have strong arm muscles. But, I also see a lot of people doing this exercise incorrectly, and you can get hurt. Let me show you the proper way to do a biceps curl exercise.

First of all, you want to make sure your feet are in the proper position. You want them about shoulder width apart. Knees are soft. Your knees are not locked out. Slightly bent. And, you can use a couple of different grips. You can use a neutral grip, underhand grip, whichever you prefer. I like the underhand grip, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Elbows should be locked into your sides, almost like they’re glued right there so they can’t move. Because if you keep the elbows out, you’re going to be tempted to use your body to bring the weight up. Not only does that put a lot of strain on your lower back, but it’s just not the proper way to do it. So, keep those elbows in. Slowly exhale as you pull up. Slowly bring the weights up, probably 2-3 seconds to come up, and lower. You want to inhale as you lower. Exhale as you come up. Make sure your back stays straight. Don’t lean forward. Keep the abs tight. And, up, and then release.

Thank you so much for viewing this biceps curl exercise video. I hope it’s been helpful for you. If you haven’t already gotten a copy of my book, Spiritually Strong, you can find it online, you can order it through my website, or get it wherever books are sold. And, I pray that God blesses you on your journey to be physically and spiritually stronger. You can find other Upper Body Exercise videos here.

Kristen Feola